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To best address your needs, please select your reason for contacting us from the following list:


I am interested in becoming a patient

I am requesting medical record copies

I am an existing patient

I am contacting for another reason

I would like to schedule a new patient psychiatric evaluation! Great! You can schedule a new patient appointment 24/7 by using our scheduling link. We have streamlined the scheduling process on our website and do not accept new patient requests via phone or email.

I have a question about your services. Please check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or our Services and Pricing page as these will likely answer most of your questions. If you need further clarification please click here to scroll down to our email.

There is a fee for processing medical record requests in accordance with Maryland legislation. If you are requesting records on behalf of a former patient, it is usually most efficient for all parties to have the patient contact us directly. Otherwise you must be able to present the signed consent forms for the release and be able to satisfy the fee. We will process medical record requests for a patient or their authorized representative within 21 days of receipt of a signed release and payment submission.

Select your need from the list below:

1I need to reschedule an appointment
Please use the "manage appointments" link found in your appointment confirmation email. Alternatively, you may log-in directly to the patient portal.
2I need to update or change my payment method
Please login to our secure patient portal.
3I believe my prescription may be missing?
Your pharmacy may not automatically fill your prescription for any number of reasons, but it is rare for an electronic prescription to get lost. We always send prescriptions in and verify receipt before your appointment ends to minimize prescription problems. Please always call the pharmacy to verify they have not actually received the prescription before contacting us. This will resolve the vast majority of issues. In rare cases, the pharmacy may still report they did not receive your prescription. So far in our practice history we have never failed to send prescriptions in (knock on wood!) but a software glitch or improper processing on the pharmacy end could also cause a "missing" prescription. In these rare cases, please either leave us a voicemail or send us an email and mention that you have already spoken to the pharmacy (we will prioritize your request when you confirm that you've spoken to the pharmacy). When contacting us please include your full name, date of birth, pharmacy name and address, medication(s) name and dosage, and any other pertinent information.
4The pharmacy says I need doctor authorization for a refill?
This almost always means that the prescription you are trying to fill is outdated and we have issued a new prescription. While we often issue refills on an initial prescription, we never add additional refills once those have been used. Instead, we issue a new prescription. Please request that the new prescription be filled in its place.
5The pharmacy says my insurance requires prior authorization before they will pay for the medication?
In this case please do contact us and let us know, so we can expedite this process. Even if the pharmacy claims they have contacted us already to let us know, we recommend contacting us anyways. We have found pharmacies are notoriously bad about notifying us of prior authorization needs, even when they claim they have done so. This is particularly true with national chain pharmacies.
6I have another important question or need that cannot wait until my next appointment
Please shoot us an email or leave a voicemail with your full name, date of birth, and any other pertinent information.

Select your reason for contact from the list below:

1I would like to send a patient referral
Great! To ensure the referral is a mutually good fit, please take a brief moment to view the following 2 pages or have the prospective patient do so.

I) "What We Treat" provides an overview of the diagnoses or symptoms we treat.
II) Step 1 of our scheduling page also includes new patient eligibility criteria that should be reviewed prior to scheduling.

If they meet our admission criteria and have symptoms of a diagnosis we treat, they can schedule a new patient appointment on the scheduling page 24 hours a day. When we have new patient evaluation appointments available they will be visible on the booking calendar. If no new patient appointments are showing on the calendar and they are unable to find another provider, please have them check back again periodically. We typically limit new patient appointments to 4 weeks or less. We believe it is in an individuals best interests to find a practice with availability in the near future rather than be stuck on a waiting list.

2I am searching for a preceptor for student healthcare providers
We are unable to precept student providers or respond to these requests at this time but wish you the best of luck in your search.
3I am a pharmaceutical representative
We do not work with pharmaceutical representatives or distribute medication samples.
4I am soliciting a product or service
We will not work with or respond to any company that solicits products or services. Soliciting a company without a prior established relationship via email or fax violates the CAN-SPAM Act and FTC Junk Fax Prevention Act subject to monetary penalties for each offense. Our policy is to automatically delete, block, and report all solicitations. Phone call solicitors please remove us from your list. We block all numbers or prefixes from which a solicitation call arises and report abuse directly to your phone carrier. Practice communication is intended for patients and prospective patients only.

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NOTICE: We do not provide crisis intervention or emergency services. For emergencies always dial 911. Communication is for healthcare and our patients; we report and block all solicitations.