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I am interested in becoming a patient

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I am requesting medical record copies

I have a question about your services. Please check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Services & Pricing, or Insurance pages for quick answers to most questions. If you have questions that have not been answered or need further clarification we're happy to help! Click here to email us.

I would like to schedule a new patient psychiatric evaluation! Great! You can schedule a new patient appointment 24/7 by using our Scheduling link. As a telehealth practice, we have streamlined the scheduling process on our website and all new patient requests are completed online.

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1I need to reschedule an appointment
Please use the "manage appointments" link found in your appointment confirmation email. Alternatively, you may log-in directly to the patient portal.
2I need to update or change my payment method
Please login to our secure patient portal.
3The pharmacy said they never received a prescription?
Baltimore Psychiatry takes pride in ensuring prescriptions are reliably sent to a pharmacy in a timely manner. Our policy is to send in all prescriptions before an appointment ends and verify receipt, so they are never forgotten. Most of our patients never have issues with missing prescriptions. It is ***extremely*** rare for an electronic prescription to get lost by a pharmacy. We're happy to quickly intervene if we make a mistake or if the pharmacy genuinely loses a prescription. However, we have never failed to send in a prescription in our practice history and less than 1% of missing prescription reports actually need our assistance. When we do occasionally receive these reports we find they nearly always result from miscommunication between pharmacy staff and patients. Therefore we put together these guidelines to help prevent these scenarios. Before reporting a prescription missing please review and follow these guidelines. Here are the most common reasons they are reported missing and the solution:

"The pharmacy said they never received the prescription."

We get this report in 3 scenarios:
I) The prescription was received but the medication is not in stock.
II) A patient calls the automated line to see if a prescription is ready for pickup, simply asks staff if a prescription is ready for pickup, or the pharmacy staff member incorrectly assumes the patient is only asking about medications ready to be picked up.
III) The prescription was sent in more than a couple of days ago and the pharmacy staff is not aware. These can get overlooked, particularly by inexperienced techs, as they are further back in your history.

Solution: In all 3 cases it is very important to speak to a live staff member and ask about the availability of the prescription itself rather than the medication. In other words, if the pharmacy states "they don't have it, " clarify that they are referring to the prescription itself and not just the medication stock. Providing staff with the date the prescription was written (appointment date) can help them locate the prescription and may be necessary for prescriptions that were not written recently.

"I went to pick up my two prescriptions today but they only had one ready. Did you send in the second prescription too?" or "The pharmacy usually texts me when they fill my medications and I never got a text this week, did you send in the prescriptions?"

Solution: Your pharmacy may not automatically fill your prescription for numerous reasons (or may fail to properly notify you when they have) and this is very common. However, missing prescriptions are extremely rare, so please always ask the pharmacy first. If you are on-site make sure they check the computer for the original prescription and not just the bin for filled medications.

If the pharmacy still cannot find the prescription:

Following these guidelines will quickly solve over 99% of the reports we receive. If you follow these guidelines and the pharmacy still reports they do not have the prescription in their system, please either leave us a voicemail or send us an email. Mention that you have already followed these guidelines and we will prioritize your request. When contacting us please include your full name, date of birth, pharmacy name and address, medication(s) name and dosage, and any other pertinent information.

Other tips:

If you continue to have issues with a pharmacy, we generally recommend switching to a different pharmacy. Local independent pharmacies often offer a better quality service and less hassle and frustration than large chains. Additionally, you may want to consider creating a pharmacy account as you will often be able to view the prescriptions online to know they are on file with the pharmacy.

4The pharmacy said I need doctor authorization for a refill?
This almost always means that the prescription you are trying to fill is outdated and we have issued a new prescription. While we often issue refills on an initial prescription, we never add additional refills once those have been used. Instead, we issue a new prescription during your appointment. Please request that the new prescription be filled in its place.
5The pharmacy said my insurance requires prior authorization before they will pay for the medication?
While the pharmacy should contact us to let us know, they often do not. Therefore, please contact us and let us know, so we can expedite this process. Even if the pharmacy claims they have contacted us already to let us know, we recommend contacting us to be sure.
6I have another important question or need that cannot wait until my next appointment
Please shoot us an email or leave a voicemail with your full name, date of birth, and any other pertinent information.

Select your reason for contact from the list below:

1I am soliciting a product or service
We do not open any business solicitations and they are blocked and reported. Practice communication is intended for patients and prospective patients only.
2I am a pharmaceutical representative
We do not work with pharmaceutical representatives or distribute medication samples.
3I am searching for a preceptor for student healthcare providers
We are unable to precept student providers or respond to these requests at this time but wish you the best of luck in your search.

There is a fee for processing medical record requests in accordance with Maryland legislation. If you are requesting records on behalf of a former patient, it is usually most efficient for all parties to have the patient contact us directly. Otherwise you must be able to present the signed consent forms for the release and be able to satisfy the fee. We will process medical record requests for a patient or their authorized representative within 21 days of receipt of a signed release and payment submission.

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NOTICE: We do not provide crisis intervention or emergency services. For emergencies always dial 911. Communication is for healthcare and our patients; we report and block all solicitations.

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