Mission Statement

Practice Intent

This practice was founded to give individuals an alternate option to the current status quo of psychiatric care. When seeking a psychiatric provider who offers medication management, choices are unfortunately very limited. With insurance, options are typically restricted to public outpatient clinics with brief appointment lengths and long wait periods to be seen. Brief 15-20 minute “med checks” that may translate to 5-10 minute appointments are unfortunately becoming the norm in public psychiatric care. These may be adequate for those who are doing well on medication. However, we believe they are an inappropriate length of time for the average individual who has recently started medications or has other things they would like to discuss.

We do not believe most people will be comfortable sharing personal details or asking questions when they feel pressured for time. In fact, our patients often share that they felt rushed in public mental health clinics before working with us. Unfortunately, insurance does not allot time for the talk-heavy nature of psychiatric care and demand for psychiatric services greatly exceeds availability. Due to these (and some other) factors, only around half of psychiatric providers accept any type of insurance.

On the other hand, private practices usually offer more appropriate appointment lengths and (hopefully) better quality of care for their patients. Unfortunately, their pricing usually excludes all but the wealthiest of individuals when they do not accept insurance. This leads to a dilemma for patients when deciding how to pursue or afford treatment. Our overall goal was to design a practice where patients would receive the quality service of a private practice while remaining as affordable as a public practice. Quality mental health care does not need to be prohibitively expensive or unreasonably brief.






Goals and Plan:

I) Deliver high quality, evidence-based psychiatric care.

1) You can read more about the provider and their practice philosophy here or discover how you will receive quality, evidence-based care along with many conveniences for your benefit.

II) Schedule appointments for an adequate length of time. Our patients will not feel rushed.

2) Initial psychiatric evaluations with medication management are 90 minutes here. Standard medication management follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. This is about 50% more time than public clinics schedule for and 20% more than private practices typically offer.

III) Offer pricing that is affordable, without sacrificing quality of care or time spent with our patients.

3) Compare us to insurance! Our total overall pricing is often less expensive than what it would cost an individual who used their health insurance! We are undoubtedly less costly for those who still have a yearly deductible to meet and rival insurance even after deductible has been met. For those without insurance, our cash pricing is an estimated 70% less than public and 80% less than private practice pricing on a per minute basis. Streamlining services, utilizing technology, voluntarily accepting a lower rate, and eliminating waste typical of the traditional practice model has enabled us to do this.

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