Is Baltimore Psychiatry Right For Me?

Who we serve

Baltimore Psychiatry is a private, outpatient, Telepsychiatry practice. We are not a large public community outpatient clinic serving all individuals. This is a niche private practice designed from the outset to focus on the truly important aspects of care. Our two driving ideals are to spend adequate time with our patients while offering them a rate that is often more affordable than using private insurance would be. We charge about 50% less than even Medicaid (usually the lowest of all payers) would reimburse us, and we still spend more time with our patients than most practices. To achieve such lofty and seemingly incompatible ideals we have literally reevaluated everything about how practices traditionally operate to find ways to offer such a unique service to our patients. However, this practice is not for everyone. We are not trying to imitate how other practices operate. Instead of trying to be something average and generic for everyone, we decided to focus on offering an exceptional service and value for certain individuals. Rather than only advertising the best parts of our practice we believe in transparency so you can make an informed decision. Please take a moment to review this page to determine if we are right for you.











Baltimore Psychiatry may be a good fit for you if you appreciate:

I. The convenience of being able to attend appointments over secure, encrypted video chat appointments on any computer or mobile device in any private location in Maryland.

II. The ability to schedule the initial appointment online and complete intake forms and history electronically.

III. Weekend and weekday evening appointment availability at no additional charge.

IV. Appreciate low wait times. Although emergencies can always happen, we respect your time and strive for minimal wait times. As of the date this is published our average wait time has been less than one minute!

V. Electronic prescribing: No need to drop off or wait for a prescription to be filled. The pharmacy will begin filling it before your appointment is over. Many even offer delivery options.

VI. 24/7 access to an incredibly simple patient portal to reschedule appointments, pay outstanding bills, or send a secure direct message to your provider. The portal is so simple to use, rescheduling can literally be completed in less than a minute.

VII. A practice that spends time with patients. Our standard evaluation is 90 minutes and medication management is 30 minutes. Stabilized patients who are doing well and do not want to spend time in appointments may request shorter appointments for an even greater discount (requires provider approval).

VIII. Rates that are so low they are often drastically less than what someone pays when they use insurance, particularly if they have a yearly deductible to meet.

IX. Appreciate the fact that we do not subsidize unnecessary costs. In most practices patients who do not attend their appointments are indirectly paid for by those who do via higher appointment costs or shorter appointment lengths. You only pay for the services you need and use here. To provide our patients with the lowest cost we charge for initial evaluations at the time of booking. Those who enroll in automated billing for follow-up appointments receive a major discount on services over those who do not.

X. A small practice with personalized care and direct access to a provider.

Baltimore Psychiatry may NOT be a good fit for you if you:

I. Have a strong preference to book or reschedule your appointments over the phone. As a Telemedicine practice focused on efficiency and affordability, we utilize a patient portal to schedule the initial evaluation appointment, complete intake paperwork, reschedule appointments, and connect with your provider for most issues. We only field phone calls for existing patients and allied healthcare staff. We do not accept new patient or reschedule requests over the phone.

II. Do not like the idea of conducting an appointment over the internet or have limited internet access. We are a Telemedicine provider.

III. Cannot give at least 72 hours’ notice to reschedule appointments. Remember appointments can be accessed nearly anywhere via smartphone and you have patient portal access to reschedule 24 hours a day until the 72 hour window. After that, an additional appointment and payment will be required. Most practices have 24-48 hour policies but they do not allow rescheduling access outside of normal business hours and often charge full appointment cost (which insurance will not cover and can easily be triple our appointment cost) if you miss the appointment or request a late reschedule. Additionally, they may not allow remote access to appointments long-term.

IV. Are unwilling or unable to pay with credit, debit, health savings accounts (HSA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), or electronic check.

V. Need significant third-party documentation completed. We can provide this service when appropriate, but like many practices we do charge for the additional time. The large majority of patients do not need this service.

VI. Are only interested in therapy. We do not provide any extensive therapy services.

VII. Are currently taking or are seeking controlled substances in a manner that contradicts our strict controlled substances policy. We are only able to prescribe controlled substances at all via Telemedicine due to the COVID state of emergency (and for existing patients up to 2 years after it ends). Even so we are naturally very conservative with controlled substances and even more-so as a Telemedicine provider. We do not prescribe benzodiazepines or scheduled sleep aids (hypnotics) for daily, long-term use under any circumstances and rarely prescribe them “as needed” as they are typically contraindicated and counterproductive in the long-term. If you are taking a stimulant for ADHD we will need to connect with your most recent provider to confirm medications and treatment compliance prior to continuing these medications. All patients prescribed controlled substances must sign a treatment compliance contract as well and they will be held to a much higher standard. If you are seeking an initial ADHD diagnosis or cannot provide records to indicate a past diagnosis you will need to be willing to trial non-stimulants for an adequate period of time before considering stimulants. We understand there are individuals who truly need and benefit from controlled substances and we are happy to help those who use these medications appropriately.

Baltimore Psychiatry CANNOT treat:

I. Anyone who is not an adult 18+ years old

II. Anyone enrolled in mediCARE – we are opted out and not currently able to offer private contracts.

III. Those who are not a Maryland state resident. We cannot provide service to anyone outside the state of Maryland.


We are a private, outpatient, Telemedicine practice. There are significant limitations on the patient types we can safely and thoroughly treat. Safety comes before everything else. Since we have no control over the patient’s environment in Telemedicine, a patient must be able to reliably access appointments and adhere to treatment recommendations. Therefore, we cannot treat:

IV. Individuals who do not possess the mental or cognitive ability and basic computer skills necessary to schedule an appointment online and complete the intake packet without assistance. This is a major sign that they are probably not going to be appropriate for treatment at this practice.

V. An individual in the middle of any acute crisis. While we may help manage a crisis that arises during the course of treatment this is not the appropriate place to seek initial treatment for crisis intervention.

VI. Individuals who also have very serious or very complex medical issues. We cannot reliably or accurately take vital signs, coordinate care with other providers for complex medical needs (on any regular ongoing basis), or attend to patients who need emergency medical attention in the Telemedicine environment.

VII. Severe, chronic, or treatment-resistant cases in which the individual is still not functioning well: An environment with more integrative care and more on-site resources would be more appropriate.

VIII. Recently discharged for appointment non-compliance, unless you are seriously committed to keeping appointments. If you are seeking controlled substances and were recently discharged for non-compliance with appointment attendance or treatment, we would not be able to see you.

Compare our rates and appointment lengths:

With Insurance:

Did you know that insurance pays providers around $75-$125 for medication management follow-up appointments and this is usually the rate someone with insurance would be responsible for until they meet their yearly deductible? (This already takes into account the typical write-offs). These appointments are typically scheduled for 15 to 25 minutes, though you may only receive half of that time in the actual appointment. Even after someone has met their yearly deductible there is usually a (“specialist”) copay with an approximate national average around $40 that will be required for each visit. Did you also know psychiatric medication management providers accepting insurance are usually not paid per amount of time spent with a patient? It’s a convoluted system but one that generally rewards the highest compensation to those who see the most patients per hour with little concern for quality of care. About 50% of psychiatric providers no longer accept insurance at all due to a variety of issues such as these. Due to an extremely high demand for services with insurance it can often take months to get an initial appointment with a random provider and many places are not accepting new patients at all.

Typical Private Practice:

There is also private practice where follow-up appointment time-frames are usually around 25 minutes, and you are more likely to get the full time. However, private practice is only affordable on any long-term basis by the wealthiest of individuals. The rates in private practice are usually around double the rate of insurance reimbursement (Usually $300-$650/hour).

What Baltimore Psychiatry offers:

We offer 90 minute evaluations for $180 and 30 minute medication management for a flat rate of $50 (with advance pay option). That is less than half of what insurance would reimburse us for follow-up appointments. That difference reflects approximately how much you would save if you have an insurance deductible to meet! If you have already met your deductible our total appointment cost is still close to most copay costs and likely even better per unit of time. Patients who are stabilized and doing well on medications can also request shorter appointments for a further discount. Additionally, we are now also offering an unprecedented $49.99/month rate for follow-ups where a provider will see you as often as needed and you can budget your expenses.







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