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Convenient and Accessible

We understand that your time is valuable. That is why we offer telepsychiatry appointments that can be accessed from your own home without travel time or expense. We also offer weekend appointment availability, online scheduling, electronic prescribing, direct messaging access to your provider, and many other services that can be accessed anywhere in Maryland. Click here to learn more.
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Quality, Affordable Care

One of the most important aspects in selecting a psychiatric provider is finding someone you feel comfortable with and trust to manage your care. We believe in spending adequate time with our patients so we can fully address their needs and concerns. We never rush through appointments and yet still offer some of the most affordable pricing anywhere. Click here to learn more.

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Unparalleled Security

We take your medical record security and privacy very seriously! From medical record servers that are guarded 24 hours a day to encrypted email, we go above and beyond to safeguard your privacy. Click here to learn more about the ways we safeguard your records. If you would like to read our privacy policy please click this link instead.

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Your time is valuable, so we offer numerous conveniences and accessible care to save you both time and money:

I) New patients are seen quickly: New patients will usually get an appointment within 5 to 30 days. If we do not have availability within the next 30 days we will stop accepting new patients until we do. We do not believe that someone suffering with a psychiatric illness should be waiting several months for an appointment. Although we understand it can be very difficult to find a provider accepting new patients without an extended wait, we believe it would be more beneficial if they continue to search for a place with more current availability.

II) Receive service from the comfort of your own home: Or anywhere else in the state of Maryland! (Where you can connect via Ethernet or password protected WiFi in a safe, secure, quiet location).

III) Convenient weekend appointment availability: We offer weekend appointments with morning, afternoon, and evening hours (subject to availability) so most patients will not need to coordinate taking off of work.

IV) No travel time or money spent on gas: Consider how much personal time is spent traveling to and from your provider’s office and how much money is spent on gas, it really adds up! As a Telepsychiatry practice there is zero traffic, travel time, or expense.

V) Privacy: Telepsychiatry adds an additional layer of privacy, bypassing physical waiting rooms.

VI) E-prescribing saves you time: If we believe medication is appropriate for you we will prescribe electronically; The prescription will go directly to your local pharmacy who will usually begin filling it quickly. If the medication is in stock, it will likely be ready for pickup within an hour after your appointment is over (depending on how busy your pharmacy is). No need to drop off or wait for a prescription to be filled!

VII) Direct and secure messaging access to your practitioner: Patients can directly and securely send messages or questions to their practitioner through our patient portal. The service is available 24 hours per day. Please note however that this service is offered on a limited basis for minor needs or concerns; it is not a consult service and all emergencies should be directed to 911.

VIII) Automated billing (optional): Sign up once and we will automatically bill your credit card for services rendered so you never have to worry about manually making payments. Invoices, receipts, and billing history will all be available to you via our secure patient portal.

IX) Reschedule in 60 seconds: We offer rescheduling capability via our secure patient portal that is faster than rescheduling via phone and is available 24/7.

X) No overbooking/long waits for appointments: As a private practice that also has a (low) self-imposed patient limit, we will always ensure our existing patients are able to be seen at appropriate intervals. If we do not have available time scheduled, we will make it. A patient who needs to be seen in a month will never be told we cannot see them for 2 months because we are overbooked. Existing patients take priority over making space for new patient appointments.

XI) Quicker prior authorizations for medications: If you utilize health insurance for your prescription medication, your insurance company will require a “prior authorization” for some medications. This can often be a lengthy process spanning several days as the pharmacy, insurance company, and your provider’s office exchange and submit information. We are utilizing electronic software that works with roughly 70% of insurance companies and will allow us to determine in advance if prior authorization is required for the medication and drastically reduce the amount of time required to process these. With participating insurance companies we can bypass the pharmacy’s involvement and receive prior authorization from the insurance company before the prescription is ever sent to the pharmacy. In some instances we can even receive this prior authorization within minutes, rather than days.

XII) We have nearly 24/7 access to your records: Although we do not offer emergency services, by utilizing an electronic medical record, we have 24/7 access to your records for situations when we may need access to your records quickly.

If you are searching for a new psychiatric provider, you likely have questions or concerns about the process. Meeting with someone who is essentially a stranger to share personal, intimate details about your life can seem intimidating. We believe one of the most important aspects in selecting a psychiatric provider is finding someone you feel comfortable with and trust to manage your care. This is a very personalized and individual decision, and while we fully acknowledge that no provider will be satisfactory to every patient, we have received very positive feedback from the vast majority of our patients. We offer:

I) Experienced providers: You can read more about this practice and the practitioners here.

II) Adequate appointment lengths: If you have ever felt rushed for time during an appointment with your psychiatric provider, you are not alone. This is a legitimate concern patients commonly voice in public mental health settings. Many practices schedule all medication management appointments for 15 or 20 minutes which may translate to only a few minutes actually spent with the provider. Our standard medication management follow-up appointment is 30 minutes, and our standard evaluation is 90 minutes.

III) Incredible value: Adequate appointment lengths are important, but we recognize that having more time to spend together would not be worthwhile if our rate was only affordable to the wealthy. When this practice was envisioned, we evaluated how we could make it as affordable and accessible as possible without sacrificing quality. The practice was designed from the outset to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. Ultimately, we are able to offer costs that are drastically below market averages per visit and to an even greater extent per minute. Our follow-up appointment rates are significantly lower than insurance reimbursement rates, despite the fact that we are spending about 50% more time with patients than insurance would pay for.

IV) Low wait times: No one enjoys waiting in their provider’s office! While we do not rush patients in need out of appointments and emergencies can happen at any time, we respect and value our patients’ time and pride ourselves on ensuring your wait times are minimal. Our wait times are likely to be much lower than practices that see a high volume of patients per hour or engage in double-booking practices.

Security and privacy of patient information is something we genuinely take very seriously. Technology has made many aspects of healthcare more convenient and accessible. However, this technology comes with many security vulnerabilities and the potential to erode patient privacy if not managed properly. While we are not IT specialists, we have a good understanding of the common security risks related to technology that are frequently overlooked by those in healthcare. More importantly we take these precautions because we genuinely care about protecting patient privacy. These are some (but not all) of the ways in which we strive to protect the security of your information:

I) Secured records: Our electronic medical record (EMR) utilizes 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your medical records. The servers where the data is stored are in a secure location monitored by guards 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Other medical professionals may not access your EMR with us or even know that the record exists, unless you authorize us to share the information with them (with the exception of some emergency situations or as required by law).

II) Secured electronic devices: Our electronic devices have various safeguards which may include antivirus, malware protection, anti-keylogging, and remote wiping capabilities (each individual device may have different software dependent on its use). We never use these devices to “surf” the web on unsafe or unfamiliar websites that could make the data on our devices vulnerable. Our devices are not shared with others, ever.

III) Email encryption options: Prospective patients can send us an encrypted email, without having to use their own email account. Our response will also be encrypted if you select the encryption option. However, email has many inherent security vulnerabilities that make it a poor choice for sharing private information. Although we only utilize email for general practice questions, and only when a patient acknowledges the risks and still chooses to use email, we still utilize and pay for an encrypted email service for patient benefit. Note that if you elect to receive appointment reminders or other notifications via email, they will originate from our EMR provider and will not be encrypted. Although these should not contain any detailed personal information, they may contain some basic personal identifiers such as your name and email address.

IV) Two-Factor Authentication is our default: Whenever 2-factor authentication is available we use it.  Our physical electronic devices used for 2-factor authentication typically have additional security codes or bio-metric protocols of their own. Although using two-factor-authentication takes considerably more time, we utilize this technology because we are committed to the security of your information.

V) Data access restricted to secure networks: We do not access your electronic medical records or any other practice accounts with patient information on public Wi-Fi or LTE (cellular data) networks due to their inherent security vulnerabilities. We only use Ethernet or secured, password protected Wi-Fi that is not available to the public.