Services and Pricing


The pricing shown on this page reflects our discounted cash rates for self-pay patients. We can also work with all private insurance policies that offer coverage for our services. Our telehealth appointments are accessible from anywhere in Maryland and we offer reliable premium weeknight and weekend hours at no additional cost!

Basic Services

Payment Methods Accepted

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. As an authorized medical provider we also accept cards from Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

Optional, Additional Services

Expedited Evaluation

(Coming Soon, not yet available) Want to be evaluated quickly? Schedule an expedited evaluation to be evaluated in as little as 8 to 96 hours. Due to the nature of an expedited appointment request, these evaluations are not eligible for reschedules or cancellation and the full amount is due at the time of booking.


Document Preparation

If you need us to be complete any forms intended for a third-party recipient there is a time-based cost.

$4/minute; $40 minimum

Medical Record Request

There is a $22.88 preparation fee for all records sent to a third-party recipient. Additionally, there is a fee of $0.83 per physical page or $0.62 per electronic page + actual shipping and handling costs.

See description

Between Visit Refill Request

It is the policy of Baltimore Psychiatry to always prescribe more than enough medication to last through, and even well beyond, the next expected appointment date. Additional prescriptions or refills should never be necessary if a patient has attended appointments as requested or made-up a missed appointment in a reasonable time-frame. We do not add additional refills on prescriptions or make medication modifications between visits. In the event of a serious extenuating circumstance, we may issue up to a maximum 2 weeks of medication for an additional fee.


Missed Appointment (Follow-Up)

Appointment cost is primarily for the reservation of the healthcare providers time and we charge up to $100 for all missed appointments. Most med management practices will also charge a fee for missed appointments. Additionally, they often attempt to recoup lost income with higher pricing or by seeing a higher volume of patients per hour, drastically reducing quality of care. This is a big part of why average appointment lengths in public settings may last around just 8 minutes. We refuse to let a small percentage of individuals negatively impact the large majority of our patients who routinely attend appointments regularly.

As a reciprocal courtesy to our patients who may experience a legitimate emergency or serious extenuating circumstance, this cost may be reduced or completely eliminated if they have a consistent track record of prior appointment attendance. This consideration is given to well established patients only. Details on how this program works are included in the intake documentation. Insurance will not cover missed appointment fees.